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Molly's eight year old poem:

Molly is Eight

Molly, my dear, how Iíve enjoyed
Another year with you
You have brightened up our lives
With your smile and sweet heart
so true
And your gentle ways and laughing eyes
So even now I have to try
to find the words to express
All that you are, though itís hard
I confess

How can I paint a word picture
of my special little girl
Full of goodness and such virtue?
Such a treasure
        Such a pearl!

I love it when you sing your songs
with a joyful smile
        shining all the while
And to hear you play the piano
Is a great thrill to me, you know
May music flow throughout your life
        and play upon your heart
That your life becomes a song to the Lord
        Youíve made such a promising start

I love your questions, a million and one
My curious-girl, itís a lot of fun
To watch your mind work in itís own way
To deep conclusions
        or confusing confusions
        or perhaps youíll just say ďwhateverĒ
I love to hear both the silly and the clever
        thoughts of Molly

Itís a joy to know that you please your teachers so
And do your best for the Lord
For Heís given you great gifts
        and it shows

Youíve been given smarts - straight Aís no less
In school you always surpass the test
And, when given the chance
        you sing act and dance!
Youíve had great teachers - Miss Kelly
and how about
Mr. Shawn and Mrs. Kristi
When I think of how youíve been blessed
my eyes sometimes get misty
And clouded over - though not with sadness
But with deep thanks and joyfull gladness

For my miss Molly
        who can make the clouds roll away
Everytime I hear her say ďdaddyĒ
Or, sometimes now itís even ďdadĒ
        Well, thatís OK, thatís not too bad
Because Iím happy whenever Iím where youíre at
My sweet daughter, my friend
I love you forever
        to the end

So happy happy birthday dear
And from the shades perched
        on your beach-bunny head
down to the Reeboks you won
        ( for it was clear at Sportís camp
        who was the best trooper
You practiced like you were Cynthia Cooper )

But I digress -

May year 8 be full of fun
And joy and thanks to the One
Who has blessed you so, and will bless you more
So - sitting down here by the shore
A birthday wish I give to you
For happiness throughout this year
so that times when you are blue
        will be very
And that your paths will be made clear
For God has special plans for you
I know this in my heart
Just walk with Him in all your ways
And He will plot your chart

And have a blast in what remains
of our cool Destin vacation
Have an awesome time, Miss Molly
My 8 year old sensation!

I love you

June 30, 1999