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Molly's seven year old poem:

True Heart

What do I think of when I think of Molly?

I think about the year that has passed
Even quicker than the last

I think of fun
Does my little girl know how to have it?
I'd say yes, no doubt about it!
Dancing through life with brightness and laughter
More than enough for today, and for each day after

I think of her desire to be held - everywhere
If she had her way, I think full time she'd rent
Her Daddy as a sort of living Chariot
Whisking her off to each important event
To the car, to dinner, to the pool, to school
In dramatic style - And I'm glad to oblige all the while
Knowing that someday my little girl
Will be bigger, and will make her own way in the world

I think of my sweet American Girl
My real live "Molly Doll"
Who's growing up, no longer small

I think of her Compassion
Her desire that every one she's around
would be happy, safe and sound
I've seen her reach out to friends who are sad
And give them a hug so they won't feel so bad

I think of her Smarts
Reading and writing so well
And excelling in the Arts
Known for her patience at CCCS
A wonderful student,
Mrs. Norris would agree, I'll guess

I think of her Friends
Suzanne, Torrie, Hannah, Katherine,
Sadie and many others - I can't keep track
And I know that for friends she'll never lack

I think of Solos
Sung with such a flair
beneath a face brightly painted
and Raggedy Anne yarn hair
There's my Molly smiling
Perfect to a Tee
And I hope she knows
What a special "thumbody" she is to me
In Christmas on the Parkway she blew us away
And in Father Knows Best, well let me just say
that I may not know everything, but one thing is true
This father knows best that the best one was you

Yes, you are strictly an original!
And never ever nervous
ready to sing, in any play or church service

I think of a sister
who loves her brother Blake
and plays with Bethany, though sometimes they fight
And roughhouses with Andrew - (and amazingly, she's still alright -
no broken bones that I can see)
Yes, she truly loves her siblings -
she loves them all three

I think of her Wisdom
To hear my little girl talk
Of the things of God - with thoughts so deep
I know that she's standing on the Solid Rock
And may my "big kid" Sunday school class
Hang their heads in shame
Who's that six year old
Taking sermon notes - What's her Name?
I think we know - it's Molly!

And finally I think of . . . Oh Whatever!
There are so many wonderful things
About Molly that my heart sings

And how honored I was to baptize you
And to speak to the church of God's work in your heart
And I know as time goes by you'll walk closer to Him
And that this year you made the most important start

And as I write, looking down I see
Around my wrist so lovingly twined
a multicolored friendship bracelet - a gift that's all mine
From my seven year old sweetheart
Who made this lovely work of art

And I think of the kind words that were spoken
Before the seal on even one of her gifts was broken
As she told each one
Of her love for them
On her birthday, and how it was important for
Her to give before getting
Well, Molly, from where I'm sitting
I'd say that shows that you've been given
a wonderful heart, from your Father in Heaven

And thinking of your sweet words and little gifts
Passed out with a hug and a sweet saying
I know, my dear, that throughout my life I will be praying
And thanking God for my every thought of you
And thanking Him for your heart so true

I love you

June 24, 1998

"let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water"

- Hebrews 10:22