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Molly's six year old poem:

Molly is Six!

Molly, my little lovely one
Do you know that I'm so proud of you?
I realize how grown up you have become
After the five years youíve been through
I see you sit and read a book
Turning the page with a wise, mature look
And then I know that this year has brought
many changes - and they are all good.

Iím amazed at how fast you learned to read
From that day when you put the puzzle together
of the planets and stars, and you pointed out Mars
You just read it right there "M" - "A" - "R" - "S"
"Wow!" I thought, and I saw you beam at your success
when I told you how smart you are
"I was hoping youíd say that" you said, and smiled so bright
and I knew
Within that charming personality
and cute face
something else was finding itís place
And later that day, down J.B Smokehouse way
I heard Mama say
"Andrewís smart and Mollyís pretty"
True enough, but watch out world, thereís more
Right then Molly chose to read a neon sign hanging
over the door
Way to go, my little scholar! Full of surprises
Growing every day taller
in many different ways

You have grown in knowledge this year
in a Kindergarten class that you held so dear
We had the blessing of Mrs Miori again
a wonderful teacher and a special friend

You have grown in stature - youíre a big girl now
As you athletically tumble at your gymnastics
and show us how
itís done - what fun!
Of course, we always thought you were the best one.

Music became the new note you played
On the "compano" you practiced and worked
You never shirked until you got the song right
With only a few emotional breakdowns sprinkled here and there (thatís a sight)
And then would come the moment when you would share
"Tic Tac Toe" or "Merrily we roll" played perfectly, without compare
Or we would hear you play "All in All" and sing with a sweet voice
Praises to God, and it just makes us rejoice
to know that you have a tender heart towards Him
As you begin to take steps toward the One
who loves you more that can be imagined

And I praise Him for you, with a heart full of gratitude
For your twinkling eyes, and your joyful attitude
And your sweet smile and kind tender heart
your compassion, your sweetness, and did I mention that you're smart?
I just love you so much, for all of your ways
And I always will, for each and every one of your days
For the way that you still want your Daddy to hold you
and read you a book at the end of the day
And for the precious faith you display as you bow and pray
For that funny, quirky little sense of humor in you
and for the way that you pout when youíre feeling blue
In case you havenít guessed by now, I love you just because youíre you

May this next year be a blessed and happy one
With a lot more joy, a lot more fun
I look forward to seeing what God will bring
To the little girl who makes my heart sing
Sweet little Molly

Happy Birthday
I love you

June 21, 1997