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Molly's five year old poem:

Little Lady

Looking back on this half-decade
I think of all the steps you've made
to get to where you are today
And how you've brought us joy all along the way

From the moment that I first held my little Molly
I fell in love as only a Daddy can
with a daughter who means more to me than
she can ever know
And every day my love still grows and grows

But funny thing - even though every year
I see changes happening, they still come as a surprise
First you were one
just starting to walk
Then you turned two
just learning to talk
Three years old - blossoming now
Then into four, showing us how
you can dance and sing
and do so many things
But I still can't believe my eyes

Now you have come to your fifth year
And just last night at your party,
I thought - "who is this little lady here?"
The one sitting right there - with long flowing brown hair
and big brown eyes, and that smile on her face
that just lights up the skies
Playing with her friends, with Sadie and Maddy
and Hannah and Taylor
And (Thank you Lord) she still wants to play with her Daddy
And sit in my lap when she's woke from a nap
Or tell me all about the fun day that she had
Or just to hold on tight when she's feeling sad.

Yes, you've become quite the little lady
It's like watching teenagers - seeing you and Sadie
Playing one minute, happy as birds
Then in one moment more
The drama begins, with soon-regretted words
and tears - the whole she-bang
a miniature war
And I just tell myself - "it's a little girl thing"

And when I've had a bad day, or I'm feeling heavy-laden
It just takes a smile from a little maiden
named Molly
To loosen my load and lighten my heart
And give my day a fresh new start

With some drama thrown in most days for effect
As she flooshes back her hair
with a flair, and says
(with the artistic range of a Meryl Streep)
"I'm so beautiful and selfish!"
Well - on that first point you are correct

But still you feel the wonder of a world that's still new
to you
as you look about with wide eyes
at the stars in the skies, or a birthday surprise
And deep down inside I feel it too

You see, I also continually stand in wonder
In praise to the Lord, as I bow down under
the mighty blessings of His gracious hand
When I look at my precious little band
Strong Andrew, bright and true
And sweet little Bethany, little Bethany-Boo
(who's surviving 2 very nicely, thank you!)
And, on your special day - my Little Lady
My little Molly

Sweetheart, love for you and thoughts of you
continue to dance in my heart
with the same joy that you show
as you gracefully step through life
and I don't know what I'd do without you
And I'm so proud, too
of my little lady


June 21, 1996