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Molly's three year old poem:

My Sweet Little Thunderstorm

How do you spell happiness? O-M-L-L-Y
Or maybe L-L-O-M-Y
        don't worry, she'll get it right
        because she's bright

With a bright personality, happy as can be
and a big bright smile - she's miss congeniality
        like a bright, sunny day
but whoops! One wrong move at the wrong time
        and the thunderclouds form
        the emotions climb
And Burst! There she blows
        She's my little thunderstorm
        look - there she goes!
        As the tears rain down

But I understand - it's hard being two
        There's so much to deal with
        so much she wants to do
But shoes lose their bows
And I picked the wrong clothes
She wants to color, but it's time to be going
And what she's saying - sometimes I'm not knowing
        And that can be frustrating when you're two
But like all thunderstorms, soon the sun shines through
and she's no longer blue

But it always makes me glad
        just to "hold you"
        when your happy or sad.
and watch as you scamper and cavort
        as you enjoy the fun, the sport
        of each day
You're so cute, you're so short!
You're my little doll

Daddy's girl, we eat cereal together
It's nice to know that someone in this family
        has the taste for fine cuizine
You're a sweet big sister
        As you and Beth-Beth play
And a devoted little sister
        Right behind Andrew all the way
Yes, you do everything that your big brother does
(and get hurt half the time)
        but we know that's because
You love and admire him
        even though sometimes your fights
Can be such loud and dramatic sights.

A budding young artist
        Your sketches and paintings
Are works of art all
And while we are proud
And we brag out loud
We wonder - did you have to draw them
        on your bedroom wall?
But no matter, my little ballerina
I'm sure that I have never seen a
piroutte done with a prouder flourish
        and a brighter smile
than yours - they have a certain style
        that's all Molly

Because you are who you are
        You are the one and only Molly
My little star
As you sing your heart out
        with words all your own
(And still unknown)
And nod your head along with your favorite song
You can be so funny and sweet and cute
        and beautiful

But you're growing up now, now your twos are through
And we don't know quite what to do
with a three year old Molly
Except what we have tried
        to do, with God's help, for you
which is to guide you and love you
through each day, through each year
To let you be yourself
        while attempting to steer
your wonderful, unique personality towards
        the one that you will become in God's will
And I look forward with joy to another year
        with my three year old girl
Who I am holding still
        very close to my heart
And the reason is clear
It's 'ecause, 'ecause, 'ecause, 'ecause
I Love you - my dear!

        Happy Birthday to my
                favorite brown-eyed girl

                Love, Daddy
                        June 18, 1994