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Molly's two year old poem:

Save Me A Kiss

Twinkle Twinkle, my little star
Do you know how very precious you are?
Our little teapot with her handle and spout
Getting steamed up and letting it out!
Sweet, sweet Molly, our little Miss Muffet
Singing and talking while you sit on your tuffet

Reminiscing about my little girl
I can only smile
To think of how you've grown this year
in your own, very unique style

I think about your pretty hair
(it takes Daddy an hour to put a barret there!)
And how my little girl stands her ground
(you have to, with big brother Andrew around)
You're Queen of the swing set
        (better push her just right)
And you do a pretty good mood swing too
        (It can be quite a sight!)
Delightful and daring
Ten outfits you're wearing
As you strip off another
"Clothes can be such a bother!"
How can I be mad, when a rule you don't keep
when you're in the corner pretending to sleep!

Late at night, tucked in bed,
we hear a faint pitter-patter, a doornob turning
Round the door peeks your little head
with an impish grin, and a late night yearning
for One More Book, one more song
One more hug, 'cause the night's so long

As we rock, your sweet head resting on my shoulder
I realize tonight you're one year older
Quietly we rock to and fro
Quietly I face the truth I know

Time like these will someday come to an end
And you will say goodby to childhood friends
like your Baby and your Blanket, tried and true
That once were such a part of you

I delight to see you grow up, my dear
But sometimes I'd like to hold this moment right here
just like I'm holding your little hand

But then I understand,
        and I wonder, was ever a man
                so Blessed?

So grow up my darling, you have my blessing
to continue learning and growing, trying and testing
        this world around you.
And Mommy and I will do our best to let you fly
and catch you when you fall
and with God as our guide, to give you our all
That's all we can do, to Love with full measure
our precious children, our one earthly treasure

That's you, my dear, and Andrew your brother
(And a surprise for you soon, as here comes another!)

So Happy Birthday my two-year-old loveable Miss
And be sure to save your Daddy a kiss!

I Love You,

June 18, 1993