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Molly's fourteen year old poem:

Molly is Fourteen

Fourteen? Fourteen . . .
I'll say it a few more times, or ten
fourteen, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen
Somehow it just won't sink in
You are fourteen and highschool bound
"Highschool" - not sure I like that sound!
I'm only playing, of course, my dear
Go ahead and grow up, year by year
It's ok with me, fine and dandy

um . . .

Not really! Do you have handy
Some sand I could stick my head in?
Or maybe all day I'll lay my bed in
With blankets covering
Because, out there, hovering
Closer each day
Is you, Molly Roberts, going to high school!
Not cool!

Just kidding!
Well, sort of
Sometimes it's just hard to drink a quart of
My little beauty
Now a teenager, full fledged
Which - even for a stable dad (well, that's alleged) -
like me can be a tad traumatic
Because smooth sailing in High School is not automatic

But, in all seriousness
And despite my deleriousness
I know you will do great
And start strong out of the gate

You're my computer girl, and that's awesome
I was hoping someone would take up the geek-banner
Our blogger, our AIMer, our website banner-planner
We will name the computer-wing of the house after you
You are smart, smart as a whip
And You are becoming our resident computer chip
off the old block, your websites rock
Though you change her screen name about as often
as other people change their socks

You wanted a calculator for Christmas, for crying out loud!
And the As you make (especially when I'm your study buddy)
make me so proud
You're definitely clever, but to describe you as clueless?
No way!
(Well, ok, sometimes, but that's just one part of your charm you might say)

And you are growing up
You have beautiful flowing hair
And I'm looking for braces - behold - they aren't there!
This leads to confident smiles, and with you plenty of 'em
And still, amazingly, hugs for your dad
and let me tell you I love 'em
It's a great thing that you still aren't embarassed
To be seen with me, whether we're rocking out in 249
Or at El Gallo, eating fajitas, so fine
I believe that if you had your way (and you often do) you'd dine
At the trifecta of Del Pueblo, El Gallo and Papacitos every time.

OK so, who doesn't own a celphone?
On your birthday I thought you would take flight
When you answered your gift-bag, you smiled so bright
I had to shade my eyes, it was like your truest dream happened
You began your celphone adventure
Ahhh, text-messaging on the run
Setting up ringtones, and other cel-fun
Heck, it's just cool to open and close it
She's a cool chick with a phone, and let me tell you she knows it

A budding photographer in her director's chair
BreeMollyTayla-"might" make cinema history, it's fair
to say that it was a work of 8th grade art, LOL
But Darth Andrew versus Obi-Wan KeBlakey, well, that'll sell
That ranks up there at the top of my list
Now there's a four-star film that can't be missed

Another great year at Arnold is through
You got through Junior High! Great for you!
8th grade formal was so much fun
And, in my opinion you were the prettiest one
Choir was awesome, and the pop-show was boomin'
When you and your cohorts sang "Man I feel like a woman"!
And sports, well, I'll need to take a running start
To describe how good you are in the sporting arts
You finished your basketball career with your trademark hustle
You worked out all summer in SAC, now you're full of muscle
But volleyball is where you really shine
You've got skills, my daughter, and they're getting better all the time
Which is why it was absolutely no big reach
To believe you'd be the first re-peat Queen of the Beach

Yes, you've had your share of wins
But most importantly, I can see with your friends
That you are an encourager, a leader
Molly is always there when people need her
And you help others win, and that's huge
Even in times when you were judged for what you believe
You knew Christ was there, and that He'd never leave
You live your faith naturally, and that's a wonderful thing
And because of that I really don't have to worry about anything
Though I joke about the shock of high school
I'm ready for you to be there
I believe you'll do well in all you do
And when it's all done you will have had a walk
Worthy of the One who called you
That's my prayer
And when I think of my hopes and dreams for your time in Cy Fair
I don't have to think twice
I know the most important dream
Is a close walk with Christ
High School will be a challenge, of that there's no doubt
And there will be times when life will be hard to figure out
I'm so blessed to be your dad, and Mom and I are here for you
And we'll hold you and pray for you when you know not what to do
But how much more the Lord, the King of all beaches, and oceans
And mountains and lands
Holds you lovingly in his almighty, strong hands
And you can always call on Him (or text message Him, or IM Him for that matter
As He is always online)
And His love for you is even deeper than mine
Which means it's beyond what you can think or imagine
He loves you with an incredible, sacrificial passion

So cling to Him, my dear
And enjoy this new year
Under the protective wings that He spreads above you
Have a great year fourteen!
May it be the best that you've seen
And always know, dear, how much we love you!

                Happy Birthday!

                Love, Dad

                August 7, 2005