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Molly's ten year old poem:

Molly is Ten

My ten-year-old young lady, see her there
Smiling eyes and long brown hair
Loving and lovable, my precious daughter
And I can’t believe I’m blessed to be the father
Of you
My sweet birthday girl

Happy Birthday, your tenth year
Was a great one, but so quick! And with some fear
I notice that you are no longer a little girl
Maturing and blossoming in so many ways
Leaving behind the little-girl days
The simplicity and stability of childhood
It’s frightening - I suppose it would do me some good
To remember that God has you in His hand
As you travel through pre-teenagerhood
Which can surely be a perilous land

You’ve experienced many new things this year
Swimming and band and learning to cheer
Speaking of which – Andrew’s had great football seasons
But this one was the best
One big reason being the sideline cheer-fest
You cheered on your brother
All the way through - undefeated
What great cheer-support
And – I’m glad to report
That you and Beth were my favorites – oh yes
No matter how many times you “introduced yourself”
You two were the best – definitely top-shelf
You were number one, you were there to stay
You blew-us-a-way (poof)

Swim team was awesome
You swam your little fins off – always striving for
The best time – one better than before
Though the meets were quite long
        It was wonderful just to see
You work so hard – we were proud as can be
You’re one little chick who always gives her all
Swimming like mad and slapping that wall!
And so smart – though history has never been a fave
I wish I had a recording that I could save
Of Andrew grilling you on Civil war minutia
Well – it just doesn’t suit ya
Gettysburg? Not interested – what do I have to know that for?
Bull Run – what’s a bull got to do with a war?
You stood your ground, proudly apathetic
Driving your brother nearly apoplectic
What fun - but – let no one be fooled
Your awesome academically – your report cards ruled

Music continued to fill your life
You never failed to please
Singing so well and playing the keys
In a real worship band – you guys are great
You grew so much, from those early practices
To the VBS gig dates
Mr. Wheeler thinks so highly of you
For your talent, your stage presence, and your heart so true

Of course, you’re still a bit
of the Princess and the Pea
Listening to a boy-band CD
In your blue satin jamamas
A turbaned towel wrapping your doo
Sitting and reading American Girl
Did I mention some of your new moves?
The eye rolling and the “whatever” ‘tude
Cropping up now and then - I guess it proves
That – even having a dad who’s such a cool dude
- as if! -
Can cramp the style of an on-the-go ten year old
Such as yourself – even though – thank goodness
You still like it when I hold
My little girl – may that never end
Because I love the special relationship
Of this dad to you – my daughter, my friend

I’m thrilled with you, my dear
And I thrill at the thought of you
Growing up and becoming a
Young lady full of grace and truth
Knowing that, as the years pass
God will continue to work and to do
His good pleasure in you
And to place His treasure in you
As you continue to grow in Him
And to yield to Him

And I look forward to the changes the next few years will bring
May your heart and your life still sing
Of the Lord at the center of all that you are
Love Him first and always
In Him you’ll go far

And as the years come and go
Complete with their joys and heartbreaks
He will lift you up above the storms
And keep you in His perfect care
And I’m just honored to be a part of it all
        Just to be there
To see His handiwork in you

So happy birthday, my dear
        A great year’s in store
May it surpass all the ones
        That have come before

I love you,

July 31, 2001