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Molly's one year old poem:

Oh Molly

I remember the day that you were born, dear Molly,
What a day that was!
"Piece of Cake!" we thought
     (it was our second time around)
Everything was going just as planned...
     And then your heart slowed down

As the doctor fussed and fretted
nurse scrubbing, Worried glances,
I braced myself for disaster
Then your heart was beating faster
I saw relief in Mommy's face
And my heart resumed it's normal pace
Out you tumbled - "It's a girl!"
And my heart took a whirl.

Oh me, Oh my, Oh Molly mine
I took it as a heavenly sign
"Brace yourself and thank the Lord"
- I would never again be bored.

Three weeks later... change of venue
Santa Rosa's on the menu
a stratospheric temperature
three days in baby sick bay
Then we received the good news
     you were OK
          and we were on our way

Through the year we've never spent
one dull moment, it's evident
You and Andrew keep us going
tending to our little family garden
     Busy sowing
          love and memories
And we spend our time being
     frazzled and dazzled
          by the wonder of it all!

And now today is your birthday, dear
It has been a wonderful year
A time to see you grow
     and develop the neatest little personality
          full of curiosity,
               and smiles galore
with just a touch of stubborn thrown in
     for very good measure
You are a treasure!

A precious jewel - that's what you are.
     sparkling smile and twinkling eyes
In down, stressed times
     the sun does rise
     when little Molly smiles at me

Now at night I rock you in your room
And softly sing you 50's tunes
Love songs to my sweet little girl
And my heart fills with thanks and praise
     Oh how God has blessed me
          how my cup does overflow!
And I softly sing
     "Jesus loves me, this I know"
A love song to my sweet little girl
Who fills my life with laughter and joy
     And who still takes my heart for a whirl!

          Happy Birthday, Molly

          Love, Daddy
          June 19, 1992