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Molly's pre-birth poem:

Four Eachother

The time is drawing near
That we will welcome you, Dear
With open arms into our little family

Because of Andrew, I know more
of what you will go through
        precious one
The hard work of just being born
The bond of pain that you and your Mommy will share
On that very special day
and I will be right there
        to comfort you both

Your big brother is a strong, wonderful boy
He has filled our lives with laughter and joy
He is the light in our eyes, the spring in our step
As our first, Andrew has meant more to us
        than we ever imagined
And we have learned how to love and give of ourselves

Yet, we share something special, you and I
You see, I was a second child too
So I have opened a special place in my heart
And prepared it just for you

You see, you will not be just like Andy is
You will be you, the you God has formed
A very unique and special someone
By whom our smiles will brighten
        our hearts be warmed
In a somewhat different way than Andy does
        and that's OK

And days will come, from time to time
When you and your brother will sing different songs
And your words won't rhyme
Those will be fussy and fretty days
Fighting, crying, tattle-telling days

And life will seem so unfair
As Mommy and me attempt to be
All-knowing, impartial distributers
        of Truth and Justice
And we will fail miserably

But other days will come along
Of holding hands and sharing books
        and blocks
        and a cookie or two
And your Mommy and me will realize that
        we are perfect parents, you see
Until we are brought back again to reality

But we give you a promise, solemn and true
That you and Andy,
        and those who come after you
Will each receive the fullness of our love
And the right to be your own
        precious, wonderful, and unique self
For you are truly a blessing, a treasure,
        a gift of God
And loved beyond measure

And we three welcome you
        as we become four

It reminded me today of a verse
I knew when I was younger
That has a different meaning now
Than it ever could have then

It says
        "They are One person
        They are Two alone
        They are Three together
        They are Four eachother"

I Love You

March 15, 1991

Background by Lori