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Blake's nine year old poem:

Blake Is Nine

You're nine now
And nine is such a great place to be
You've got more skills than when you were seven
And way more freedom than when you were three
But you're still a kid, for a bit longer
Though the days are coming, son
When you'll be out of kid-dom and into teenage
But not yet! Not yet,
We're having too much fun!

And how can I describe you?
Witty and active
Happy and carefree
That is, until the late-night homework catches you by surprise
Then the hill seems so high that you have to climb
And the task seems to take on impossible size
But, of course, you survive, and you do well
And I'm reminded of how much you excel
Especially with the help of your faithful tutor
Your Mom, of course
For you are her kind of guy, and she thinks you're cuter
Than pretty much anything else in God's creation
So, of course, she'll help you on your composition
Or to read a chapter book
All it takes is your smile and a charming, pleading look

You're a great friend, and fun, and easygoing too
People just want to hang out with you
You've got a nine-year-old wit that's ahead of its time
The ability to sing, loudly, and compose impromptu rhyme
But sports remains your number one thing
Both in real life and the virtual realm
You are, after all, the playstation king
These amazingly coached (and stacked) teams, with you at the helm
Blow the competition away
Racking up victories and championships
Hey - winning is your way!

And in real life, well, we think you're a star
you're so good - how awesome, how athletic you are!
You've got finesse, and skill, and teamwork and grit
You are driven, yes driven, to make the most of it
With the soccer ball you are poetry in motion,
skill and determination
And you played a big role at nationals - fourth in the nation!
Silly me - three bucks a goal? Well, it seemed a good incentive
Till I saw my bank account dwindling, because you became quite inventive
To find ways to score
As one goalie found out, on the one he got in front of
Wham! Blake wants his three dollars! That poor kid was sore!
And thirty bucks later . . . Well, I can't complain
We're so proud of how you played, and you left us wanting more!
Though the Arsenal got between us and a trophy, even then
You never gave up - you got us so close to a win
So, win or lose, the fact that you never stopped striving to get three
Is what I remember, and that's a win to me!

And baseball season was fantastic, you started near the end of the lineup
But by the time the season ended, you had moved right up
Toward the top of the order, as you and your buddy Blake
Kept the pitchers sweating, and kept the outfielders awake

And, besides all that, I think that you know more
About sports than almost anyone else, that's for sure
You're a walking encyclopedia of trivia and statistics and such
And that's because you just love sports so much
You love to watch sport, to talk sport, and most of all to play sport
And I love to play with you, though our time is always way short
With a late game buzzer-beater, somehow you always beat me
Or with a goal scored just in time, you find some way to defeat me
Yes, winning is something you like to do
And you get to do it a lot, which makes us so happy for you
But I know in life the wins don't always come
when we want them to, and it's easy to get low
My prayer for you is that you'll always know
That God's gifted you for a reason
And he can be glorified in you
At any time, in any season
In every kick of a soccer ball
In every song, in every smile
In doing well at school
And being a good friend
And even when you don't win
You can know you never gave up, to the end
Because your life with Christ will be like that
With struggles and victories, each in its time,
But the end is already known
The seeds of victory sown
By the dying ans rising of our Lord
When He claimed you for his own

I think of how much we love you
And how we are proud of all the things that you do
And I know that, though it's hard to believe, God loves you more
And he was thinking about you, and establishing your life
Even before
He created the world. Yes, the Bible says so
And his love is higher than anything we can know
And in this tournament called life, though you may be down
You're never out
And with the faith of a child and a victory shout
You can defeat the forces that stand between
You and your goal, you see, though He's unseen
You have a friend and Lord who has given his all to you
And he can inspire and strengthen everything that you do.

May nine be awesome, and fun, and amazing
For every time we think of you, our God we are praising
So happy birthday my son,
happy third grade too
And always remember how much we love you!


February 28, 2007