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Blake's eight year old poem:

Blake Is Eight

Well, my little buddy, You're eight years old
And I believe when God made you He broke the mold
You're one of a kind, so well suited
To be a fourth child, though you may wonder
How you were recruited
To bring up the rear in our household
That can't be the easiest task, at least I'm told
But Blake, you're amazing, and wonderful too
There's such a good nature and wit
And a charm about you
Clever and cute
Your personality continues to shine
And I'm always so proud of this son of mine.

What are you good at? There are so many things
Shooting basketballs, throwing baseballs
And the songs that you sing
Many composed and libretto'd on the fly
With a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye

Of course soccer continues to be your tour de force
You played great this year, an undefeated season (of course)
You were scoring goals like they were going out of style
And playing great team soccer all the while
I have to tell you, truly, that I find your skills amazing
Your footwork awe-inspiring and your speed blazing

What a great team - you and Nathan, Blake and Ryan
Brady, Chris, Anthony - almost without tryin'
You guys had the kids on the other teams cryin'
It was Fury Pride all the way last season
And your golden shoes, Blake-man, were a big reason
But it was no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise
Dealing with crazy parents on the sidelines
And crazy coaches blowing a fuse

Then San Antonio found us at the three on three
Nationals baby! We were as proud as can be
You played so well, and the Thunder roared
That second day we all were floored
To see you take third, beating some really tough teams
That weekend was truly a tournament of dreams

And school is good, Second grade
you're an old hand now, you've got it made
Out on the playground, teaching the fourth grade
A thing or two about soccer and football
and how those games are played

You continue to demo your math aptitude
You like to figure, you've got skills, little dude
And you're reading so well too, so I must conclude
That you're a smart little boy
That's a fact that's true
But most of all you enjoy
The fun of just being you

Your playstation teams are dynastic feats
As you win, repeat, three-peat, and four-peat
You're really good, though your players don't always
Measure up, as we hear you angrily coach them, between plays
Holding your controller in intense concentration
As you drive your team to be the champion of the nation

Yes, you love to compete - wait
what am I saying?
You love to win
And I guess I'm praying
That that trait translates
Through times that are good and times that are not
Into desiring the victory of God
With all that you've got
Because that's the one win that lasts forever
To see His kingdom come and His will be done, whatever
comes in your life and in the lives of those you will touch
For I believe God will use you, And He loves you so much

And I will always remember last Easter
As we dined at Outback, and you walked over
Solemnity on your face
To tell us you wanted Jesus to be your Savior
You had been taking steps toward this most important decision
For a long time, and it was the best thing I could envision
On that Sunday morning, praying with you blessed us greatly
Even more than the dozens of goals you've scored lately
Because Jesus is the treasure of greatest worth
That the wise young man desires more than anything on earth
And I know that He will work wonders throughout your days
As you grow in Him and learn His ways

So enjoy this time my big eight year old
Eight is a good place to be, still free of teenage drama
And still little enough to crawl in bed and snuggle with your mama
And the times we have are such a blast!
But time is so short and you're growing up fast
You are such a blessing to your mom and me
And to Andrew and Molly and your roommate, Bethany
We love you so much, and hope you have the greatest year
For all that you have before you -
of course there's your soccer career
But there's also baseball, the rest of second grade,
and being a friend and a little brother
And having fun, which is the thing you love doing the best
And you have a lot of that, and in that way you're blessed
Let God guide your steps, delight in Him at the start
And He will give you the desires of your heart
Always know that he is with you ever step of the way
Happy birthday my Blake-man,
Let's go play!

Happy Birthday

February 20, 2006