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Blake's seven year old poem:

Blake Is Seven

Happy Birthday little guy
Could this poem be more belated?
Life intrudes, thoughts scatter
The million and one unimportant things
Push aside the things that really matter
Like writing to you and letting you know
You're such a great son
And I love you so
And I'm proud of all that you've become this year
And of your awesome personality
and good natured good cheer
Your energy and joy as you're running to play
And all of the cute, smart and fun things that you say
It blesses me in so many ways
Just to watch you move through your fun Blake days

You wanted to be a part of it,
first grade first grade
And from the very start of it
I'm amazed at the progress you've made
You're reading so well, long words are a sinch
(Short words, on the other hand, sometimes make you flinch)
And math? Well, you're a whiz
You're definitely down with the numbers biz
And I can see how you figure
It's intuitive - I can almost see the wheels moving
As in you're head you're proving
four times four or ten plus three
So, along with all of your other talents
It turns out you're smart too, so on balance
It's plain to see that God's got great things planned
For my smiling, running, playing, reading, awesome Blake-man.

In soccer you rock
Your kick continues to be blessed
As you school the third graders handily
On the field at recess
You've got a competitive streak (in a good way)
That's a mile wide I must say
And soccer season? Don't even get me started
You were the absolute best
just incredible
Improving your footwork and scoring technique
Goal after goal, the other teams feeling bleak
And you were always committed to complete team play
As you shared the ball, passed it off
To give others a chance to take part in the fun
So they could kick a goal and have their time in the sun
And though coach Charles works you guys tough
He really thinks so highly of you, and he definitely knows his stuff
Which is a good thing, because he has to deal with crazy soccer moms
(and your mom is their Queen)
She keeps coach Charles straight
If you know what I mean

As I think of you,
Of the great way you're made
I am sure that being your dad
Is something I'd never trade
For all the riches on earth
You see there's nothing that could take
The place of you, my wonderful Blake
Though you still, quite frequently, ensure my demise
With the slice of a sword, for it's no great surprise
(All in fun, of course) somehow you win every duel
Of our make-believe (thank goodness!) battles, yes it's almost cruel
My bad luck in all this, that in each and every sortie
The seven year old dispatches the hapless guy over forty
But I know that each victory is a special joy
That can only be experienced by a seven year old boy
And it's that sparkle in your eye that I love to see
As in your world of pretend you, for awhile, get to be
Noble Aragorn, battling for all that is good and true
Never wavering in battle till the battle's through

Because, above all, you love to play
You dream about it all night
and you could play all day
Whether it's a swordfight
Or racing to the car
Or shooting hoops out front
Or being a soccer star
Play is something that we grownups
Sometimes forget how to do
So I'm glad that play is so important to you
I'm learning that play is what prepares us
For the sometimes hard task we call life
Yes, even when you've gone beyond the fun
There are battles to be fought daily
And races to be run
And many goals to score
Surrounded by the cheering roar
Of all the witnesses that have gone before
As you look to the One who teaches you to fight the good fight
And to run though you're covered in darkest night
For He has gone before, and has raced
in His passion to win the war
Jesus, the Captain of the Heavenly Host
Who faced the dark legions, alone, when we needed Him most
I can picture Him, with a tear in His eye
Looking back at the angels, raising His sword
Determined, whispering "For Blake"
And rushing to die, to rise in victory
For you and I
And I pray that as you grow
Day by day, more and more you'll know
This great Captain, this King
Who has given you everything.

And He's blessed us so much by giving us you
Without you we wouldn't know what to do
Our great little guy, our gift from heaven
Happy Birthday Blake - have a great year seven!

Love, Dad
February 20, 2005