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Blake's six year old poem:

Blake Is Six

Blake, oh Blake-man
Our great little guy
Fun and good natured
Energetic, athletic, and a little bit shy
Things are changing pretty fast
As quickly one phase enters while another one's past

Speaking of which,
Though it's hard to imagine how
Here you are, you're six
In prime-time kidhood - wow
How the time has passed, you're now at school
You're having fun, learning lots
With all the other CCCS tots
In Kindergarten - you're having an experience that's rich
And we know you're a joy to Mrs Borkavich
We're sure she's so happy, she's so happy
Blake is here
On your first day mom and I were fighting back tears
Because we know there are so many great things ahead
As you will grow up in every way
So we're starting out easy, just going half day
Just a few hours to learn and be in school
(and try not to get warnings for talking too much to Joel)

Speaking of which, I love the way you talk
Hanging out in your b-ball gear, wearing your dlip-dlops
Dreaming about treasents
Or thinking of your driends
And driends are something that it's easy for you to make
Joey, Caleb, Noah, Joel and, of course, Ryan and Blake

Speaking of Ryan and Blake - you were on their team
And everyone thought of you as Blake, the "Dream"
In soccer you completely ruled!
As the other little guys were completely schooled
By your moves and considerable scoring skills
Giving your fans big time thrills
You had fun, of that there is no doubt
Even though coach Charles would call you out
To run laps around the soccer field
To the chagrin of your mom, who could have killed
The coach for being hard on her little guy
But you didn't mind, as around the field you'd fly
You're doing awesome and I reckon
You're future's looking bright as you bend it like Beckham

Speaking of scoring
In basketball you show your prowess too
Driving the lane and putting it through
Almost at will, though often you'll pass
To a teammate as they score a bucket fast
We play late at night in front of our house
And you're learning to shoot on the grownup goal
Our games are fun, though you really hate to lose
Getting beat in a game really gives you the blues
Lucky for all, you usually beat me
With a last second shot at the buzzer you defeat me
What a relief!

Speaking of beating me
You have fun kicking my rear in Nintendo
I just can't steer that car, no matter what I intend-o
I was born too early to have video game talents
My skills are waning, while yours reach crescendo
You are kind to me though, even stopping to wait
To let me catch up, I just can't rate
You wipe me out, though your manner's real pleasant
We play on your Mickey Mouse TV
Your favorite treasant!

And speaking of treasants
I can hear you saying "Mom! Dad! What's up?"
As you wonder where on earth is your promised pup
Well, we're trying to be very careful and choosey
And find you a buddy who will be trusty and true-sy
For many years - so do not fret
We will find you the perfect puppy yet!

And speaking of perfect
I pray often to our Perfect Lord
For all the things he's got stored
For you to experience and to do and to be
And I praise Him that it's not all up to me
He's got you in His hands, my awesome son
As you take steps toward Him, one by one
And I'm thankful for all the ways he's building into You
The understanding of Him - He's so faithful and true
I'm thankful for Mr. Bob by whom so long you've been led
And Bethany, reading you the Bible as you're in your bunk bed
For worship songs and memory verses and your sweet, honest prayer
And the examples of Molly and Andrew, I know that they care
So much for you
As we take joy in every little thing you do
And speaking of joy
As this poem comes to an ending
I think of the joy I have in being your dad
Every time I think of you my heart is glad
You are my little bud, and I love it when we play
Or laugh, or just sit and talk - I love the things you say
You bless me so much, I hope you know it
And as each year passes and as you grow, it
amazes me how awesome you are
You're just at the beginning, but you're going to go far
Right now so much of your life is made up of beginnings
There are new levels to reach and higher goals to seek
And I think of how you catch on so fast
So I'm excited for where you will go
As you grow
And I know that life's a journey as you make steps toward Christ
For I know that now to you a "long way" is just
Right out the door and across the street to Joey's
Or down to the stop sign, pedaling fast
Training wheels spinning
But Jesus is preparing you for a farther pace
He's the one who puts you in the race
In which He has already won first place
And in Him you will go farther and faster than
You ever have before

And speaking of you
I love you so much, Blake-man
And I wish all happiness and joy
And fun and adventure to my little boy
I'm just so proud of you, my wonderful one
Happy birthday to you, my six year old son

Love, Dad
February 1, 2004