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Blake's two year old poem:

Blake Is Two

At the moment I write this you are not awake
But sleeping soundly, peacefully
and I’m reflecting, wistfully
On the year that’s just gone by
        for my little guy
You’ve grown so much
and given us so much fun
A very good year it has been, little son

The role of fourth child fits you well
You’ve been so easy (for the most part)
Funny and active, sweet and smart
Dealing with siblings all bigger than you
But you’re right there amidst them, smack dab in the stew
Looking up to big "Anboo", you think he’s so awesome
And "Bolly" and "Bet’ Bet’" make a smile blossom
on your friendly little face, as you race at fast pace
to get to the place where they are

Yes, the role of Fourth Kid requires a certain style
You must dump out your cheerios with a whimsical smile
And, of course, keep tradition alive with a "Down! Det! Hite!"
As you charge to tackle your dad, and though you’re quite light
You take me down every time, little friend,
        Then we get back up to "Down! Det! Hite!" again

"Weddy! Det! Do!" There you go! You come running
Racing towards the nearest ball, or bouncing off the nearest wall
And you can work the Casio like a pro
And with a demo tune rolling, you’re ready to go
Moving and grooving to that jazzy beat
Swinging your arms and hopping on your feet

You love to read a "buot" or two
Especially to read about "Digger" and Pooh
You can point out your ears, your eyes, and your nose
And wiggle your "dingers",
        your vocabulary just grows and grows
A lot like you

You love to bounce a basketball
And try to stand up big and tall
to put it in that way high away net
But my goodness you just aren’t tall enough, yet
You can fling a nice 2 year old spiral though
And it’s with a clever left hand that you throw
Will you be a sports star? Well, I just don’t know
But I know you’ll have fun, and it will be a great show!

You love to sing songs, like "While by my sheep".
And, listening to your "Doy! Doy! Doy!", I cannot keep
from smiling as I think of the joy that you’ve brought
To our big family, little fella, you’ve got
all the charm and good nature a little guy could need
Not to mention a great set of sibs who can lead
you through the fun times, and into mischief too
Andrew, Molly and Beth-Beth sure do love you!

And we do too, my little Blake-man
As we strive to raise you the best that we can
Guided and strengthened by the God of all blessing
Whether we’re resting or ragged, at peace or stressing
You’re a treasure He’s given to our family
And the exclamation point at the end (maybe) of our family tree

So best birthday wishes to my buddy, Blake - I’m just sold
On my rumble-tumble, cookie crumble, smiley faced two year old
The word is "Fun" and, little "Make-man" you make it
If there’s an opportunity to make us smile or laugh, you’ll take it

So, tonight as we ask God’s grace at our meal
And I bow my head, I think I might steal
a glance at my Blakey-boy, his hands folded, his eye’s closed
(or perhaps a sly glance he’ll send my way, I suppose)
And with thankful heart I will praise our Lord
Who has given us you, and I am just floored
by His constant provision, protection and blessing
I don’t deserve that - I must be confessing
That He is the giver of all good things
Like our two year old, lovable, little guy, who plays and sings
and laughs and bounces and gives us such joy
Our fun-derful, wonderful Blakey-boy

Happy Birthday, little guy

Love, Daddy
December 31, 1999