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Blake's eleven year old poem:

Blake Is Eleven

Blake-man, you're eleven now
And growing up in a way
that makes me say "Wow"
And it fills me with thankfulness that I get to be
Dad to such a great son as you
And your Mom and I agree
That you're the perfect fourth child
With you our family is complete

I can't believe that soon you'll be in Junior High
And starting out in 249
but let's leave that thought to the side
It's been a great ride,
you've had a great elementary run
Full of learning and friendships and lots of fun
We hear of daily conquests on the field of play
It's a shame recess can't last all day

You're a very smart guy
And witty, cool, and extremely "fly"
We love the clever one liners
from the back of the van
Which help us know you're always listening
And that you can
even at eleven
Have us rolling in the aisles
With a witty riposte, or a quip or two
You also have the music in you
You love to get jiggy, you love to sing
And there's a drummer in there, you'll bang on anything
You've got great rhythm, you're good with a rhyme
With you any moment can become showtime

You're very athletic
(A trait that, if genetic,
must come from your mom)
You also inherited much of her cool and aplomb
And you are competitive (oh, are you competitive)
To say "Blake" and "Winner" is to be repetitive
You are growing strong and tall,
And in total control of that soccer ball

You have a maturity
A "cool", you might say
And also a kindness
Such a likeable way
And a huge appetite for sports
You are a coach's dream
Doing whatever you can to help your team
Now you've added track, the 220 and 4x400 relay
You can run for miles. Seriously
You can run all day

You're my basketball buddy, though I'm moving slow
and you're very zippy
And, let's admit it, at times it gets kinda "chippy"
out there on the court
I'm thinking I might want to build a fort
For protection from the elbows of the flying 11 year old
who, though still a bit short, can really hoop
You're so good, with brilliant moves and a shot of gold
Intense, but in a good way
usually we have a good play
And, for the highlight reel
there are your slam dunks in the kitchen,
each more extravagent than the one before
As Blake "Lebron" Roberts moves elegantly across the floor
To slam that ball into the hoop
make a cool SportsCenter face
do some chest-pounding ,and let out a whoop

Speaking of sports
Your sports knowledge seems endless
You are a sports encyclopedia
Well versed in statistics, minutiae, and trivia
And with you it is all about "scoreboard"
Whether it's the NFL, MLS, NBA
or your mom's tennis league, we'll hear you say
"Did you win? Who won?"
Because, though winning isn't everything
Let's face it, winning is fun

And then there's soccer, always
it's such a big part of you
You play with such heart and devotion
And watching you is like watching
poetry in motion
Out there on the field
We love these days of soccer tournaments
And it's been nice to win some championships
You've taken it to a new level
With the DTHD Tiempo '98
and now you've been moved up to the Legend
And though we miss our old team,
still we think that's great
it's awesome when you score a goal
But this year you've learned defensive skills too
You've played wherever Coach has put you
You've played your very best
to help make sure your team is better than the rest

All this play is good practice
For life, which, though not a game
has many of the qualities of a contested match just the same
Though sometimes we don't see
The reality
We're in a tournament, a battle, every day
And, more and more, it's getting chippy out there
This is a contest between the One who gave His all
So that we could stand who hear His call
And the enemy of our souls
Whose desire is to see us fall
But the outcome here is never in doubt
We need not wonder who will win
this contest between the Lord of righteousness
and the author of rebellion and sin
We need not worry at the outcome
or fear a loss
The struggle was decided long ago on a rugged, lonely cross
Who won? Jesus did, decisively
Our savior, our Hero
And if we want to talk scoreboard
that scoreboard says INFINITY to zero
So always give your best for the King
For a heart for Him is worth more
than all the gold in a champion's ring

In Christ you're on the winning team
And we're watching you grow up, as with pride we beam
We love you, Blake-man, more than we can explain
With a love that grows stronger and does not wane
With the passing years, these precious days
Of our little guy growing into a young man
A young man of character, with a joyful, kind heart
And a strength I can see, here at the start
of the years, soon coming, when you'll become a man
But not yet, beloved Blake,
We'll treasure eleven as long as we can
'Cause you're our treasure, our Blake-man, to us this is clear
So happy birthday, and may eleven be an awesome, awesome year!

I love you,

March 6, 2009
(sorry this was so late!)