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Blake's one year old poem:

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!

Blake - how well I remember your debut
We arrived at the hospital thinking you
Would take your time - boy were we wrong!
You were in a hurry, you couldnít wait long
So, with about a half hour to spare
(drum roll please) Ta Da! You were there
In Mommyís arms, snuggled up tight
Iíd say you did it just about right

And since that day youíve grown and grown
And such great personality youíve shown
Youíre a pleasant little guy, everyone agrees
With a winning smile thatís sure to please
And twinkling brown eyes, and a friendly little look
Youíre the number one baby in our book!

So many changes have happened this year
Youíre taking steps, one-two-three-four
And before long youíll be taking a whole lot more
When you drop your bottle, you look down and say
"Uh Oh" (and we retrieve it without delay)
"Da-da" is a also favorite word
(at least itís the favorite one that Iíve heard!)

Your siblings think you are the best
Bethany loves to play with you, with lots of zest
Yes, she plays with a rather in-your-face style
It seems a bit rough to me, but you enjoy it (most of the while)

Molly loves to carry you, and talk to you so sweet
And make you laugh, tickling your little feet
Yes we know Molly is a great big sis
As she gives her Blakey-Boy a hug and a kiss

And Andrew wants you to hurry up and grow
Football awaits, heís thinking, and so
he waiting for his little football sidekick
(and to oblige him, youíre certainly growing quick!)
Thereís a gazillion future football games in his plans
Yes, we need to get a football into your hands!

Blake, our hopes and dreams for you are simple
May God bless you completely, from your feet to your dimples
We pray that youíll be healthy and happy
And above all, as you grow
We pray that every day, more and more youíll know
The Lord who loves you so much more than a lot
(Even more than Mommy and Daddy, believe it or not!)
And now let me share something with you
For we are December babies, we two

All of my life I have had something to say
about being born on a December day
"So close to Christmas!" Iíd declare
With a look of mock despair
And adding, with a frown and a snuffle
"Once again I suppose Iíll get lost in the shuffle!"

Well, last year as I held my small package of joy
One-day-old Blake, my birthday boy
It all seemed rather silly and small
To think such things, I cannot recall
When Iíve received such a gift - so perfect and complete
And looking in your face so sweet
"Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!" thought I, and then
I realized that God had made all my Decembers to come
So much brighter than theyíve ever been
When He decided in His wisdom to make
My best Birthday present ever, wonderful little Blake!

          I Love You Blake-Man!

          January 1, 1999

Well, Blakey-boy, last year I wrote your poem a full month before you were born, thanks to your false alarm. Here in the Christmas rush of 1998 I am over two weeks late! Weíll call it even (ha ha)Ö