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Blake's pre-birth poem:

Our New Little One

I am riding home on the bus
heart pumping and in a cold sweat
praying that you haven’t arrived yet
and thinking of how your Mom and I
Will never learn - we still deny
the obvious signs that our little guest
is about to show - and we’ll soon bid
a joyful hello to our new little one

I stayed late at work - so I will feel SUCH the jerk
if you don’t delay
What will I say?
I’ll say "Doh! Why, didn’t I know
that three minutes apart is more than just the start
of mommy’s labor day!"

And I have no desire to be the star
of Rescue 911 if we deliver in the car
So I’m praying hard, with each passing billboard and guardrail spacer
As the bus crawls home at the speed of a glacier

So, you’re an early bird!
Really, the thought just hadn’t occurred to me
that you would be a Thanksgiving baby
We thought we’d deliver you ‘neath the Christmas tree
Either that or you’re just a practical joker
(C’mon busdriver man, don’t be such a poker!)
You’re playing a trick on your dear old Dad
Well - I must admit, I’ve been had!
Your very clever, my little guy

We’re on 290 now, on the HOV
And I need to get home PDQ
Before the arrival of my VIB (Very Important Baby)
And at this rate I’m going to need CPR
and It’s still so far! C’mon Bus man - Drive!
I mean, get us there alive
but make cautious haste
Time is one thing I can’t waste
I need to see my wife and take care of her
She’s my best friend, you know
I love her so and I don’t want her to sit and hurt and worry alone
Take me home, bus driver, Take me home!

‘Cause of all the earthly blessings that God has bestowed
The greatest one is at the end of this road,
It’s my family - my beautiful wife
and my awesome children
What a wilderness my life would be without them
And joining this blessing there’s you, my son
And right now you are filling my thoughts, little one
I can’t wait to hold you, to whisper in your ear
To tell you of our love for you, how you are so dear
And I want you to know that throughout your life
you will sometimes feel Joy like a mountain
and sometimes pain like a knife
and a lot of in-between times too
Through it all, please remember how much we love you
Though we make mistakes
And no matter what you do our love will remain
By the grace of Him whose love is perfect
Without blemish and without stain

So whether you arrive tonight
or 2 months later - that’s all right
We just can’t wait to see and to hold
and to love our new little one


November 17, 1997
Houston Metro #214

Well, Blake - this was a good little practical joke! Get daddy all riled up and then delay for nearly a month the big arrival day. When mommy finally went into labor early on the morning of the 15th of December, we were still a little skeptical (after several false alarms the previous month) - so we delayed our trip to the hospital long enough to make the delivery one to remember! (gotta love it - get to the hospital and have the baby ½ hour later!).

It’s great to have you here, little man.

Daddy - December 21, 1997