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Bethany's college graduation poem:


My beautiful, intelligent, talented one
Look at you, you're all grown up
And this is the day,
Graduation day!
And we've all shown up
to celebrate you
What you've accomplished
and what's yet to come in your climb
As you continue to unfold
the deep dreams of your lifetime

I'm so proud of you
and all that you've done
your drive, your devotion to your art
All your hard work
And your sweet, soft heart

Behold! "Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Performance"
You've honed and sculpted your skills, your craft
in this, your lifelong romance
Your way of expressing
of being who you are and saying what you mean
through acting, directing, writing
live on stage, or captured on the screen
I see you standing bright in the spotlight,
or working behind the scenes
shining the light on others
And I more fully know what this means
In honor, giving preference to one another
You will be both places in your life
In front and behind
You have done both, done it all with such passion and heart
Jumping in, wherever you're assigned
You've been this way, your whole life, from the very start

As the words of your life fill the page
May God use you to speak truth to many
in this feckless, vapid, deceptive age
For I know how deep is your desire
To speak, and to speak in your own way
I know this is a passion, a fire
May that torch be lifted high, blazing, I pray

May God brightly light the next steps on your path
as you start this new Act today
And so I offer this one more poem, and I hope that it will do
to express my deep love and hope for you
It's a bonus poem, a few more inadequate lines
a small token, a tribute, I suppose
to the lyrical vistas
the joy-filled mountains of poetry and prose
that thoughts of you, my beloved daughter,
bring to my mind
If I could only express
the towering pentameters of praise
to the One who formed you
Simple Haikus of hope
for the future before you
Limericks of laughter
for your quick humor and sharp wit
Sonnets of such respect and admiration
overstated not one bit
for the strong person you are
and will continue to be
As you face the future with courage and clear (and beautifully green) eyes
and a smile
I know that
all this while
God has had His hand on you
and has lovingly formed
your past, your future
and this beautiful Now

May He be the heartbeat of your every hope and joy
Especially in the - I pray few - times of struggle and sadness
when you know not what to do
May you know that He is the I Am
And He is so completely for you

May God bless you and keep you
May His face shine brightly upon you
May he engulf you in His glory
As we all watch the beauty
that is your story

Happy Graduation!
I love you and I'm so proud of you,

May 15, 2015