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Bethany's four year old poem:

Bethany is Four

Look at her, my little girl
She's not so little anymore
What's her name? Why it's
Bethany Anne, and she's just turned four
And she'll tell you so, as she spins around
laughing, holding up four fingers in each
hand, with a big smile on her sweet face
as she spins in place

What can I say about Bethany Anne?
Just look at my little goose - running
around all foot-loose
and fancy "fwee"
Through the joys and pains, the fun
and trials of being Three
It was an important year for Bethany

Ballet became her forte, she was the best in the class
(a class who's rowdiness was unsurpassed)
sweet with her umbrella and pretty lace
and a big bright smile on her pretty face

Our fearless girl
jumping off the deep-end diving board,
we watch, and we just pray to the Lord
that He'll keep her safe, as we strive to keep pace

Beth Beth, she's discovered jokes this year
(the same one, 40 times daily we hear)
"What's your name?" with a giggle she'll exclaim
"Daddy" I say, taking part in the play
"What color is the sky?" - with a gleam in her eye
I take a wild guess: "Blue" says I
"What's the 'opsit' of down" - (now she's goin' to town!)
"up" is my answer to my little dancer
And I await the punch-line with bated breath
"Daddy! - Blue! - Up!" squeals my little Beth Beth

That's my Bethany
Green eyes and freckles, and a big bright smile
looking around and giggling in her cute way
as the El Gallo waiters sing an interesting song
in their native tongue - Now what did they say?
They said "Happy Birthday" - and so it was
Why? Because
We had fun at Chuckie Cheese's
our four year old and her little friends, now that really pleases
Days like this you wish could go on and on
But little girls get tired
("I'm not tired" she says
in the midst of a yawn)

Speaking of sleeping, she still does that quite well
She is so easy and, truth to tell
she's not into the stalling techniques
made famous by her big bro and sis
As they keep Mommy and Daddy awake till midnight
no, she's happy with a hug and a good night kiss
(Of course, at O-Dark-30 when we're sleepin'
Chances are she'll be creepin'
into our bed
as she bumps daddy's nose with her elbow
and wacks mommy's tummy with her head
and then we know - Bethany's here
Now go to sleep, my little dear)

She's got that strong independent streak
That's the spunky way of my little miss
But we're starting to see how sweet she can be
holding her baby and caring so tenderly
for it's every need, and we know in our heart
that being a Big Sister will be a wonderful part
of the upcoming year
when she's not the baby anymore
now that she's Four

And finally, Bethany my sweetheart,
I remember as
out of the car you were trundled
On your birthday night
"put me in my bed" you mumbled,
and lay your sweet head
on my shoulder as I carried you through the door
And I thought to myself:
"What's her name? - well Beth Beth's my little girl's name
without her life just wouldn't be the same
What color is the sky? - Bethany, the sky is blue,
That's how I feel when I'm away from you
What's the opposite of down? -
The opposite of down is Up - that's how you make me feel
When I'm with my little girl - you know how to steal
my heart away
and so I pray that you will have a wonderful year four
Because each day I love you more and more"


August 4, 1997