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Bethany's two year old poem:

I Love You "Two"

My Dear Beth Beth
It seems that with the passing of a day
        now you are Two
Now how can I capture
        the year we've been through
Can a few simple lines in a poem from my heart
share the love of a Daddy for his little Girl?
        How can I start?

We ended last year on a tranquil note
It was of my little "Patience" that I wrote
Well I think I can say with a smile that one day
your patience "ran out", your lip made a pout
And you looked at us as if to say "Hey,
Now wait just a minute!"
"I've been patient, I've waited to be freed from my crib,
one time to many... And I think that my sibs
get more than their share
of attention and care
And it's my turn now, bub,
So go warm up the tub
I want a bath and I want it right quick,
and after we're done, I want you to stick
me in my high seat, I'm ready to eat
I think some "rereal" and juice would be pretty neat

This I remember with a chuckle and a smile
That the little girl who used to be content
        to be held just awhile
Was letting us know that she was starting to grow
into her own person - ready to stake out
her place in this family, and we began to make out
a blossoming personality in the midst of the tremors
Like night and day - that's what I remember.

Just like in Bethany house in the Bible
You spent year One being sweet, gentle Mary
        but we knew you were liable
To become busy Martha in year Two
        and now look at You!
Full of energy and vigor
Your sweet gentle way is still there
But it's got some spice now, a lively flair

We had to learn some new rules at the table
Namely: Steer Beth Beth clear of the hot sauce
                if your able
And she'll eat her chips on her own, so don't try
to help her along - it just makes her cry.

She likes to play the "around the couch chase"
laughing and running a cute, bouncy pace
Giggles and shrieking - bright eyes peeking
around the corner... and that one year voice squeaking with Joy

And Night Night time remains pretty easy, too
Compared to the complexities Andrew and Molly put us through
Your content in your bed with pillow so soft
Stuffed toy friend squeezed tight, fan on, light off.

I remember the soft little songs we've sang
and your true little friend, your faithful "yang yang"
You like be rocked and read to now,
        and I'm so glad
There were times this year when you'd have none of that
        and that made your Dad sad.
Spinning a twirl in your long wispy curls
Then Mommy decided to make you a Dorothy Hammill girl
with your cute little bob - Nancy did a good job
You just look so cute - so Beautiful

You love your Kitty, and I agree, it's pretty
especially when your sleeping soundly
with your arm wrapped roundly round
And little puppies are a source of great fun
Remember Chelsea? She was one
of your greatest attractions. "Chesee! Chesee!"
you'd shriek when you saw her, brimming with glee.

You love your books - "See and Say" is a favorite
and "Hontas" is great, you can't get enough of it
Kneeling to pray, sweet by your bed
after we've sung, after we've read
I love to watch you as you pray
(You put on quite a serious face, by the way)
"God Is.... Amen" you recite softly
Well I'd say that that theology is really quite lofty
"God Is" - yes He Is, that's certainly true
You know what? God Is... Love!
and He really loves You!

Yes this year has been somewhat of a test
But I will tell you this, I have truly been blessed
With a blessing each morning as I'm headed out the door
I peek in on you, sweetly sleeping, and though I don't know
                all that's in store
I know that you are and always will be loved
cherished and played with, cuddled and hugged
Different from Andrew and Molly, for sure
But Treasured all alike, with a love that's as pure
as ever can be, by Mommy and me

So let us enjoy the next year as it comes
with it's joy and laughter, and those times when we're glum
Terrible Two's? We'll see in time
but I tell you the Truth, I really don't mind
You just be yourself, that's enough for me
My sweet little, lovely and loved, darling Bethany.

I Love You,

August 4, 1995