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Bethany's twelve year old poem:

Bethany Is Twelve

She's a twelve year old now
Poised, I believe, for greatness
She's in control, on a roll
And on a schedule, no time for lateness
She's loud and joyous and full of life
She's smart and very sweet
And when she gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek
She makes me feel complete

Beautiful long hair
A lovely shape
And dazzling eyes
She's smart, pretty
Outgoing, witty
Tons of energy packed in a small size
A drama queen
With eyes of green
She likes to be heard and seen
And now, look, almost a teen!
And she's got such a quick and organized mind
A more on-the-ball twelve year old you'll rarely find

You rocked out in 249
Really, you took to junior high
So very well, as far as I can tell
And though Arnold's not always the nicest place
You plunged boldly into the fray
(and you would often give us the play by play
of hallway jungles, politics on the bus
and other aspects of Arnold
that your siblings filtered out for us)
I knew that you would make it
And make good friends
And be Bethany, the way you're made
And ready-made for whatever life sends

You're so unique and special
With a strong drive to lead
And to keep people and things organized
In everything, word and deed
Even in the midst of storms
Like our recent flight from Rita's fury
You stayed calm and very focused
On getting out of here in a hurry!
Even though, as it turns out
We had nothing about which to worry :-)

It's in times like these that I begin to dream
To think of the ways you will be
Very soon, for the years are reeling by quick
This is what I see
There will be high school
And yet more heights that you will have flown up
And coming soon, to a theater near you
Bethany Roberts, starring as The Grown Up
Though thoughts of that grand Premier
Can cause me anxiety, it's true
That I know that I have nothing to fear
Because I know how God has made you
And how much He loves you
And how He's preparing you,
even now
for what lies ahead

He has given you volume, in the right way
And leadership skills
And the loudest CLAP I've ever heard
And that's a gift, for in His Word
We are told to CLAP and shout in praise
and make a joyful noise all our days
You've got athletic ability
As the volleyball you whack
And a quick mind and confidence
something you never seem to lack
You have no fear about performing
No reluctance to sing
And I'm fully confident
You can do most anything

But you stand, now, breathless
On center stage - your favorite place
Your sweet green eyes alight
And a bright smile on your face
The curtains aren't yet open
But the audience waits in expectation
For the Bethany that God will reveal
His unique, special and beloved creation

Sometimes the stage lights will shine on you
And other times you might feel alone in the dark
Sometimes the stage will be set, colorful and organized
And other times it will be empty and stark
Sometimes the cues will be easy to read
Other times some quick improv will be your task
But I know your every prayer, your every need
Will be heard and met, you have only to ask
For I know the Director
And He's written for you
a wonderful part
And as each line is recited
Though you're just at the start
I'm so excited
To know that He will be bringing you
closer to Himself
For we live in a drama
With very high stakes
Life is often a battle
And all the props are real
And it can be scary
And so I bow my heart and kneel
Knees to the earth, praying for you
And thanking God for my beloved daughter
That your passion will be lit by His holy fire
And your heart overflowed with His living water

I pray that God will make your dreams come true
As you delight in Him, and He delights in you
For when that happens, His dreams become yours
As Godly hopes and desires in your heart he stirs
Happy birthday, my sweetie
Twelve years old, wow!
Here's to the greatest year yet
For the big time is now
And as Junior High passes and High school approaches
And your life spreads out before you
Never forget how much your mom and I and God
Absolutely adore you!

                Happy Birthday sweetie

                Love, Dad

                September 27, 2005