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Bethany's pre-birth poem:

Love Multiplies

The welcome mat is out
Your place is set at our hearts table
And we know you will be joining us
as soon as you are able

I wonder...
Will you be a shy, unobtrusive sort?
Or will you
rock the windows and
hang from the ceiling?
Whatever your personality is, my dear
You'll have a lot of it, I have a feeling

You will have your special place
Your unique role in our family
As we welcome your little baby face
to the heart and soul of our family

Still, you might wonder,
after Molly and Andrew get there share
being number Three
Will there be any left over for you?
        will anyone care?

Oh, little one
        let me fill you in
On a truth that we have learned
Love is a miraculous, Marvelous thing
That you won't have to earn

In a magical, Heavenly, Holy way
Love grows more and more
        instead of dividing away
And as we add to our family each new face
Love multiplies to keep the pace

Isn't that Neat? Isn't it Sweet?
How God set it up?

So from your downy hair
        to your little feet
Rest assured that when we finally meet
There will always be enough

As Andrew and Molly can attest
You will be loved with nothing less
Than all our hearts
        as God gives us grace
For God gave us you, little Baby Face.

So during the hard times
The Terrible Two times
The "Life Seems so Terribly Unfair"
        to you times

Remember this promise
        keep it inside you
Mommy and Daddy will always
        be right there beside you

So hurry up, little one
We're waiting and hoping
        that you'll get here soon
but in the meantime we're coping
until all the fears, dreams, hopes, tears
        of parenthood
It is a high Holy calling

And we stand still amazed
at the Wonder of it all

But right now all I know
is that I long to hold you
and tell you how I Love You
My precious
        Little One


July 31, 1993