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Andrew's sixth birthday poem:

My Brave Six year old Warrior

We cross swords
As we stare bravely and menacingly
into eachother's faces
separated just three paces
You say "Hah, Miraz, I challenge you
In the name of Aslan!"
The gauntlet is thrown,
the battle is joined

In your toy armor, you are Andrew/"Caspian"
Bravely protecting Molly/"Susan"
from the evil one (that's me) - King Miraz
Better known as Dad
In an epic swordfight with my little Lad
Knowing that it is sure defeat
(for me, at least) but it's still a treat
Even if I do get run through
(and most likely get my head chopped off too!)
For some reason, the winner always seems to be you!

With you, Andrew, I'm never bored
whether it's a deadly duel with a HotWheel(tm) track sword
Or talking about school, or animals, or friends
With you, the fun never ends

Year 5 was certainly one for the books
A year of growing, for spreading those wings
and learning lots of new things
Like little league Tee-ball, I wanted to shout
When you stepped up and bagged the "Final Out"
In fact I think I let out a whoop or two
But that's just the thing that a proud Dad will do.
And we had great games in the backyard too
where you'd pitch to me, and I'd pitch to you
smackin' that ball, and knocking it about
chasing it around, and tagging me OUT!

And, most of all, this is the year that you started School
A very big step, as a general rule
And, forgive me if I boast of some of the things you did
I've got news for you, you are a bonafide whiz kid
Though I don't think you realize it, I'll give you a bet
that most of the other Kinder kids can't read and write yet
But don't take it from me - I've heard the same story
from your Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Miori
Who loves you alot and just keeps on smilin'
even when you correct her on how to say "Galapegos Islands"
And I'm glad you can read - it's one of my favorite things too
Andrew - I don't think there's anything you aren't able to do.
I've enjoyed reading with you, the whole Narnia series
And learning about various animal species
But even more, I'm glad that you know how to respect
your teacher, you know that's what we expect
And you've kept your end of the deal - your conduct's been steller
Your "shape" hasn't changed yet - good job, little fellah!

You are my son, but it's good to see
that your also a playmate - it means alot to me
That you're always waiting to play, at the end of the day
It means a lot, though sometimes I'm not
feeling so hot.
"'C'mon Daddy, let's play! You be Shere-Kahn"
And I crouch my old self down on all fours - the Game is On!

It is a strange sensation
This year we've engaged in some grown-up conversation
Talking about God and what He means to you
Answering questions (or at least I try to)
You've taken upon yourself your sister's spiritual instruction
And in church you like to mimic Choir conduction
Will you be a Preacher someday? I don't know for sure
It doesn't matter much to me as long as your heart stays pure

And, don't forget - God is listening to you
As you talk to Him in prayer - you know what He'll do?
Well, this year he gave you a snowstorm in Potter
Which befuddled all the white-haired farmer's daughters
"It's just snowing like goosefeather's!" I heard them say
"This doesn't match the weather forcast for today!"
The Miracle Snow made me want to laugh and shout
It was so much fun, as 'midst the white flakes we ran about

Yes, It is a strange sensation,
Just last week, it seems, you were learning to sit up
You've come a long way, my little guy
(Did I say little? Four feet tall!)
At AstroWorld you rode the Viper roller coaster
Goodness Sakes! Just last year you were too small
And, like it or not, there's nothing to be done to stall
time passing at all

And how time passes - five years - seemingly quick as a wink
But on the other hand, when I take time to think
It seems that I've always known you
And I can't remember a time when you weren't my son - what
in the world would I do without you around?
I love you serious, I love you when you're a clown
I love you when you're up, I love you when you're down
And even on days when five year-old ways
clash with the grownup rules - and you don't like our plans
I just want you to know that I understand
how you feel. But firm Mommy and I must stand
You see - life will be a battle at times
for you as you grow up past the nursery rhymes
and stories of childhood, of brave noble boys
defending the fair damsel amidst the scattered toys
And it's up to us, with God as our guide
to prepare you for life - for our Love for you
is deep and wide
So as you grow, we'll help you hone your spiritual sword
that you hide in your heart - this is God's Word
And we'll try to make sure your armor is complete
From your curly head all the way down to your feet
That you may grow into the person that God has planned
with the strength and gentleness of a Godly man

So I wish you another great year as it begins
May you continue to have a great time, having fun, making friends
and enjoying the blessings of six year old life
And though the days will have their share of strife
Always know in your mind and heart
That we love you, and this love can never depart
No matter what - you're my favorite six year old boy
My rough and ready bundle of special joy
My son, who I love and who I am so proud of!

I Love You
September 10, 1995