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Andrew's four year old poem:

Now You Are Four

Thinking of you on this your birthday
I think of the year that is finished today
Of how you have grown and changed.
and now you are Four
it seems kinda strange...
Not a diapered toddler anymore
but a real little kid
Potty Trained (Thank The Lord)
For Privacy's sake, closing the door
Helping Daddy change the oil
hands getting dirty as together we toil
Helping Mama bake a cake
Playing cards, for goodness sake!
You took to the water, that's no joke
You've learned to swim with fearless stroke
Sounding out letters, soon you'll be spelling
And reading and writing, there's really no telling
how much you can learn

At this rate, soon you'll be shaving
and driving a car
But not just yet, my little Star

Thinking back, I realize
that as you've grown older, day by day
There have been new roles for you to play

First and foremost, you're a happy little boy
enjoying each game, each book, each toy
in your vast collection
My rough and tumble little guy
with an imagination as big as the sky
Filled with campfires in the dark in the wood
And hunting excursions with the wolf pack
Protecting your young, as a daddy bear should
Roaring with glee as a tiger you track

Settling disputes with your family of lions
The cubs are fighting, while the mommy is trying
To get them to clean up their lion-cub den
but there they go, messing it up again!

Another new role is as Molly's playmate
In your room playing nicely, learning to share
Now and then we step in when there's a stalemate
But overall you two play happily there
She does what you do, she goes where you go
Jumping on the bed, on to the floor
bumping her head, what's a little sis for?
But to mimic her big brother, of whom she is proud
To be quiet when he's quiet, and loud when he's loud.

Now a new role is added - devoted big brother
to Bethany Anne, could she want any other?
You adore her so, it's easy to tell
When you smile sweetly at her and hold her so well
And we know that she is in safe hands with you

But you know the role that I think is the best?
The one I like most? Do you know? Can you guess?
It's when you and I get to play together
when we roar, and camp, and go hunting together
In the wilderness of the family room, in the jungle of
vivid imagination that lives in your head
There's no place I'd rather be instead
Than gleefully chasing through forest and stream
with my little pal, it is truly a dream
come true
Though some times I don't show it,
You need to know it
Though my body and mind can be tired and drained
I will play with you, come sunshine or rain
Because it gives me such joy
to be with my little boy
Who's not so little anymore
But who I love more and more with each passing day

I Love you
September 6, 1993