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Andrew's three year old poem:

Lions and Tigers and Cows, Oh My!

Lions and Tigers and Cows, Oh My!
Stalking 'midst the jungled toys
in the entryway they lie
in wait...

Poor old unsuspecting me
I open the door and walk inside
"(whew! what a day.) Honey I'm home!"
"So Sorry that I'm late..."

Sleek and muscled, the Lion king
leaps upon his unsuspecting prey!

"ROWR!!! Daddy, I'm a Lion. You be a Tiger!"
"I'm Old Yeller, You're a Cow!"
"Now let's play the Airplane game!"
"Sing with me, I'll show you how!"

Coming home is such sweet joy
To romp around with my rough tough boy
And treasure the blessing of your raucus laughter
And sing so loud we rattle the rafters!

Just look at you!

A devoted Big Brother
Molly couldn't want any other
A singer, a pray-er
A piano player

A compact little bundle
of three year old glee
A pack of high energy

Memory verses galore
        you learned so quick
You're a big-person-seat rider
        "who needs baby car seats? (click)"

And look at my little guy
        wearing big boy pants now
Potty-going is easy
        once you learn how
Now you "go" every day
        with nary a mess up
(What's this wetness underfoot?
        C'mon Andrew, 'fess up)

Going night-night used to be such a cinch
But now when "dark comes"
        you make me feel like a Grinch
Yes, we're wising up
        to your late night stall action
But when your finally in bed
        Oh what sweet satisfaction!
But now books have been read
        and prayers have been said
(at 3 AM feel free to sneak into our bed)

I love it when you say
        "Daddy, let's talk"
When we carry you now you say
        "I want to walk!"
You're doing more now than you did yesterday
You're growing and maturing in every way

But each morning I play the real Airplane game
Up Up and away I go
To battle real lions and tigers (and cows)
Oh how it tires me so!

So coming home is a sweeter joy
Just to see my little boy
        who I love so much!

Andrew, when I'm with you it's easy to say
Today is my favorite Day!
The reason for this is easy to see
God has made you in a special way.

Happy Birthday, my son
        may you have many more
Such great memories behind
        Many new ones in store
So have a great "jungle" day
        with your cousins and friends
I just want you to know
        my love for you never ends!


September 4, 1992

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