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Andrew's two year old poem:

Down, Set, Hike!

Well, hello there, my little guy
crouching, eye to bright little eye
Down, Set, Hike! The crowd goes wild
As I tackle my little monster child

And up you pop, to go again
shrieking, high pitched laughes galore
You pummel your poor Daddy and then
up you pop, for just one more

Lying here upon the floor
I wonder at
the things you've learned, and what's in store

You've learned to talk, and
we're (slowly) learning to understand
To top that off, you've become a little song and dance man
Did I mention you're and athelete too?
Ba-Ball just came natural to you
(As you spin and sink another two)

Our little Walt Disney conniseur
"Bumbo" became your movie de jour
Counting was another one of your tricks
Skip one, count 2, 3, then straight to six!

You splashed upon the color scene
It was easy! Every color was green
An expert at electric machinery
You learned to work the VCR and TV
Although it became evident soon
That you can't get a movie from a spoon

Then suddenly, Molly came
Just as quickly, you learned her name
You learned to sweetly hold her hand
And be a little gentleman
The jealousy that we feared
Well, it just never appeared
Oh, what a lucky little girl
She's got the best big brother in the World!

And now here you are, turning two
And we are just so proud of you
Though we get tired, this is true
And we never seem to find the time
to do all the things we want to do

As I lay and ponder upon the floor
In my mind, I see time's door
And through the frame, I see a day
When your grown up, and gone away

Up I pop! No time to lose!
Cause time so often is abused
Let's go again, my little guy
As I treasure the sparkle in your eye
Your rough, tough ways and your
carefree days
Your laughter, yes, and your tears too
The hugs that say "I love you"
The sweet way you pray
at the end of the day
And the way you repeat
everything that we say

Yes, I'll treasure these days in my heart
And save them up, so that when we're apart
They will still be a part of me...

So let's wrestle here, for awhile
Let's laugh and tickle and talk and smile
For there's many a day, many a mile
that lay ahead, and alot of growing up to do
For both Daddy and child

So, c'mon Andrew...


Love, Daddy
September 1, 1991