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Andrew's one year old poem:

Little One Year Old

Andrew, to see you grow up
Is a very special joy
Before you were a little baby
But now you've become a little boy

And what a year it's been!
You've learned to roll and crawl and walk
And get in and out of everything
And soon you'll learn to talk

We love to see you laugh and play
As you explore and seek new things to know
Standing on shaky, chubby legs
Whoops! Plop down on a soft, diapered derrier
And off again you go

You've brought us smiles and happiness
And some worries and some fears
We pray that God will keep you safe
And healthy through these years

As you begin year number two
We pray that we will love you
The way we ought to
With the love of God

Yes, the "Wisdom from above"
That's what we need
And we smile as we remember
Your first big play
To us you were the star of the day

So happy birthday, little guy
And may many more follow
You've filled a special place in our hearts
That without you would be hollow

Here's a birthday wish for you today
We wish with all our hearts
That God's love will envelop you
His protection be a shield to you
And that you will grow to know your Heavenly Daddy
And grow to love Him too

Because, Andy, He and we truly love you!

Happy Birthday!

Love, Daddy
September 3, 1990