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Andrew's pre-birth poem:

Little One

What's your name little one?
Are you comfortable there?
We just can't wait to see you
we just can't wait to share
in this miracle of miracles
this little life of yours.

But I can't help but wonder
will you be blessed with long life,
will we teach you wisely,
will we love you right?
Will the world stay around to see you grow,
will you have brothers and sisters to know?

We can't wait to hold you and pour out our love,
and treasure our precious little gift from above
and share in your joys, your troubles, your days
and smile and be proud of our little one's ways.

Little boy little girl
soon a man, soon a woman
will our love be just right
tough at times, always open, ever hopeful, sacrificial,
taking time for the things that are so important
in your little life?

For bumps and falls, for pictures you draw
for innocent prayers, for the ABC's
for hugs and mugs, for rolling and crawling
        and walking and running,
for kites and bikes and make believe worlds of castles and knights
and heroic boys and girls,
for tears and fears of dark places and mean faces,
for smiley, messy, ice creamy type faces,
for spilled food and bad moods,
for hugs on the legs at the front door,
for piggy backs and comic book stacks,
for little league or piano lessons,
        whatever you choose,
for untied shoes and rainy day blues,
for diapers and binkys and bibs and cribs,
for teddys and toys and wooden block letters,
for kisses for boo boos to make you feel better.
For all the things unknown to us now
for all the mistakes that we make 'cause we don't know how,
for letting you know how important you are
and your little stories, ideas, rhymes, songs, sayings,
little-kid jokes, playful pokes,
finger games, and nonsense names.

"Where did you get that?"
We will smile and say,
and we'll cringe when we see
you mimick our faults
a miniature me you will sometimes be
and I'll see myself in a different way.

But we just want to say before your big day
how we love you, Little One.

Love, Daddy
June 21,1989

Background by Lori